TJ Built

Overview and Background

Founded in 1988, TJ Built has established an unparalleled reputation for master level craftsmanship that weaves in contemporary technological innovations into fine home building. TJ Built works with discerning homeowners, architects, engineers, and design professionals for the creation of visionary architectural spaces.

Our Principals

Our firm is professionally inspired by collaborative relationships with customers venturing the creative processes of spaces that support their lifestyles. This inspiration extends to implementing the architectural and engineering vision of your design professionals. Lastly, and maybe most importantly, is the collaboration with our twelve full time employees. TJBCI grown and flowered because of shared decision making with key team members and continuing education for all team members. 

Clients and Awards

Our greatest award is a satisfied customer. Sincerely! We recommend new customers to call our continuing customers to start trust. While TJBCI’s work has been noted in Sunset, Better Homes & Garden, Elegant Homes, etc., we consider ongoing trust our past customers place in us after the job is over to be our greatest award.

Guiding Truths

PASSION – Passion for building is found in supporting our customers quality of life by providing them architectural environments that support their lives.  

QUALITY – High-quality work is founded in the pursuit of details. Whether in pre-project cost studies or in the preparation for final building department approvals, details expose themselves. Best planning anticipates details for them to get expert attention. Quality work happens when team members are encouraged and supported in focus on pursuit of details.  

VISION – The end users of any creation is what guides visioning. Combining customers ideas with best building practices optimizes resources -capital & resources-. The combination of ideas, knowhow, and capital enhances visionary leadership for sustainable building projects.

SERVICE EXCELLENCE – Responsive communication -listening & feedback- is key to exceeding our customers’ expectations.  

Who We Are

Tom Warton

Tom is a Marin native, whose family arrived in California during California’s Gold Rush. Fine building comes from Tom’s earliest influencers, his family. Tom’s grandfather Joseph Warton and father George Warton founded Warton Lamp Manufacturing -San Francisco- in the 1930’s. Tom’s mother Arlene studied fine painting at the San Francisco Art Institute. Organization, planning, and constructing combined with creative beauty have become the hallmark of Tom’s best practices in construction. Tom earned his degree in Business, Management, & Economics at the State University of New York -Saratoga-. Formative years were spent in Mill Valley, graduated Tamalpais High School. Tom and Debra raised Catherine and Allison who have since graduated UC Berkeley and UC Davis respectively.

Jim Campbell

Jim is a native of Wilmette, Illinois. With a passion for muscle cars, Jim first pursued a career in automotive restoration. He is currently rebuilding an American muscle car. Fascination with automotive restoration pulled Jim westward to enroll and earn technical certificates at the Wyoming Technical Institute -Laramie-. Continuing westward to Carmel, California where his maternal grandparents settled, Jim converted his skills with building cars to building homes. Jim with great passion developed next level skillsets to construct home assemblies at the highest level within the industry. Jim has three sons Ian, Harrison, and Rowan who each have earned the prestigious level of Eagle Scout. Jim’s devotion to scouting in Marin is seldomly matched, he’s earned the prestigious Wood Badge for leadership.

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