TJ Built continually evaluates recent construction trends and offerings from the industry. Our customers benefit from our research and experience with new technologies, construction products, and practices. Objectively with our customers, TJ Built combines these inspirations to create vibrant spaces. Our goal is to optimize spaces, not fill them with unnecessary products and technologies. Our customers gain advantages from our previous exposure and experience with the latest in construction related technologies, implementation methods, and products. 

TJ Built has learned that cheap products produce poor results. Skimping on certain base materials in core construction is a mistake. We build with the best materials the marketplace offers. We help our customers to make wise choices where savings and quality intersect.

Service excellence is a matter of pride for TJ Built. Communication with customers, building departments, designers, and those providing goods and services to projects are a core guiding principle. Collaboratively and freely sharing information is at the center of a great building contractor’s organization. The simple things matter as well. We trust in the basics, such as clean work sites to produce beautiful work. This basic service seems remedial, yet we have proven this simple skill to be one of the most effective tools to create great jobs. 

Construction services are an industry rife with customer complaints. Caring comes from authentically listening to our customers. TJ Built has a substantial history of adapting to the unique needs of our customers. Please review our customers feedback in the review section. 

Confidence is found with contractors who have a deep familiarity with fine finishes. Whether tile, lacquers, solid surfaces for counters, fixtures, etc., this is where craftsmanship is judged. TJ Built started in the industry producing fine finishes. We see the end -visioning- at the beginning of our projects. It can’t be built it unless it can be clearly visualized. We passionately provide the “rough construction” to properly support our fine construction: the essential finishes -the icing on the cake-. Building straight, level, and plumb supports premium finishes. Good planning and resource management allows for great installations of everything that goes into our building projects. 

TJ Built has been recognized in nationally syndicated magazines for fine finishing. Media coverage itself does not constitute quality craftsmanship, rather it provides strong indications. Our work has been recognized in Beautiful Homes (Better Homes & Garden publication), Sunset Magazine, and Elegant Homes. Also, our work has been featured on HGTV and in both the Marin and San Francisco Design Showcases. But, most importantly, our work is featured in the everyday lives of our great customers. This is our greatest joy, adding livable everyday value and enjoyment for our customers.

Experience & Expertise

As the saying goes, “there is no substitute for experience.” Theories, abstract thoughts, and speculations don’t work well with building homes. TJ Built has had the privilege of collaboratively matching skills with some of the SF Bay Area’s finest architects and engineers on complex projects. TJ Built has a considerable record of taking the lines off the pages and turning them into beautiful functional spaces. Discipline and commitment to work smart over many years has honed our top-tier construction practices. Our lengthy experience combined with our disciplined pursuit of excellence has provided us the authentic expertise to build top-tier projects.

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