Baltimore Canyon

Full House Renovation – Larkspur – 2021

I would highly recommend TJ Built!

“Our architecture firm had been working for over a year with a client,  developing a comprehensive plan and technical documents for major renovation of their home in Larkspur.  TJ Built was not originally the contractor selected to do the project, but they were assisting the selected contractor on the framing of the project.  TJ Built’s leadership and capability quickly became obvious and eventually they were awarded the entire project.  On any project our company works on,  we always find the most successful outcomes are when there is a strong team effort between the owner, architect and contractor.  We found Tom and Jim excellent to work with particularly because of their contribution to this team approach.  They were great at wanting to understand what we were trying to achieve and coming up with ideas and solutions to meet those goals.  TJ Built also has their own team of great carpenters and subcontractors, who were equally helpful in delivering a beautiful and high quality end product.  I would highly recommend TJ Built! “

– Steve Lochte Architecture – Baltimore Canyon


Before and After: This California Split Level Home Went From Dark and Cramped to Sunny and Breezy

A Larkspur couple with three children and two dogs lived in a Larkspur split-level house for almost a decade, putting off making major improvements because they were simply too busy. But then, water leaking into the lower level forced them to address some of the structural issues. Still, the couple were reluctant to take on a full-scale renovation. Architect Steve Lochte convinced them to go all-in.

“We had ambitions to fix some of the problems, upgrade a little and make the floor plan work better,” the husband says. “But when Steve showed us his design, it was like in ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ when Dorothy goes from black-and-white to color. He blew our minds.”…

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