Petaluma Gem

Major Renovation – Petaluma, CA – 2019

Demolition and Renovation…

“We hired TJ Built for a demolition and renovation of our Petaluma home. We love their attention to detail and quality work. But there is more:

1. Honest, hardworking employees. We especially loved Marvin. He works hard, does good work, cleans up after the job each day, and he is an honest, kind human being. We trust all of TJ Built’s employees, so much so that we gave Jim key to the house. 

2. Clean: as mentioned above, they clean up each day after working. 

3. Creative: Jim and Tom have creative solutions to unexpected problems that may arise. And they have wonderful suggestions for the house that we didn’t know were possibilities. For example, Tom  suggested we use a smooth texture for the walls. And it looks great. Tom suggested that we put in a gas line for our outside bbq. No need to keep replacing tanks. It has been a godsend. Many other examples too. 

4. Jim and Tom stand behind their work. If they had ever made a mistake, I know they would have taken responsibility for it. They are that kind of people. Honest and trustworthy. 

We recently renovated our bathroom and TJ Built was our contractor of choice. The bathroom looks great.”

– Ron & Laura – Petaluma Gem

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